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Life time membership cum nakshathra annual pooja scheme

As per the scheme a full day’s poojas and rituals will be performed on the member’s name and star on the day selected by the member in connection with birthday. Marriage anniversary, house warming anniversary or any other important/auspicious day of life. For this an amount of Rs 1001/- is to be remitted by the member will be kept in a corpus of Life Membership Fund and the yearly return from the corpus will be utilized to perform poojas and rituals both at Lord Mahavishnu’s as well as Lord Dharmasastha’s shrines. The ‘Prasadams’ of the pooja’s will be sent to the member either directly or through any of his family member’s or by post. In addition to this, the member will automatically become a member of Mahamunimangalam Sree Mahavishnu Temple Administration/Welfare group and can exercise his voting in their annual general body meetings.

Vaisakham Season

The lunar month starting from the first day after the Amavasya in the month of Medam to the Amavasya of Edavam month will be known as Vaisakha Punya Kalam. The season is most auspicious for offering various items to Lord as well as other persons of society. During this season majority of the hindus visit temples especially Mahavishnu temples and pray for days together. Auspicious days like Balarama Jayanthi, Akshaya Thritheeya, Sree SANKARA Jayanthi etc.. will fall during this season.


Over a period of time there is a wane of power in a temple due to some extraneous factors Scientifically the main deity’s basement is to be renovated and refilled with astabandham, a special type of paste and Naveekarana kalasam chanting various manthras is to be performed once in 12 years to recharge the temple with more and more divine power of reigning deity.. All obligatory and reconsecration rituals are to be performed with utmost purity and regularity so that the invokded powere is retained for the maximum period. Brahmakalasam also is performed for the peace and prosperity of the villagers.


Murajapam will be conducted in temples to increase as well as the power of the reigning deity which in turn will benefit for the well being and prosperity of devotes as well as villages of the temple. Special vedic mantharas will be chanted without break on pure Ghee and this Ghee will be used for various rituals and poojas of the temple upto next Murajapam. Ghee chanted with Mura Mantras can also be used by individuals who observe special vrathams.

Prasada Oottu

Prasada Oottu will be there for all persons who visit the temple on Aarattu day and Prathishta day.

Thiruvonam Oottu

Every month Thiruvona Oottu will be conducted on star Thiruvonam after special poojas by temple thanthri. .Bookings for this offerings are to be done well in advance. Devotees can even book this one year advance.

Kalkazhukichu Oottu

Arrangements will be made at the temple for those who wish to perform Kalkazhukichu Oottu.

Vara Japam

On every Thiruvonam day Vara Japam will be conducted. Devotees can offer this to the main deity to mitigate all kinds of sufferings in their life.


Utsavabali will be conducted on a day among the festival days.

Udhayasthamana pooja

Devotees can perform Udhayasthamana Pooja as an offering to the main deity.


Arrangements will be made at the temple to perform Kalabham to the main deity.


Facilities are there to perform Thulabharam to the tune of one’s own weight with various kinds of things that can be offered to God.

Sreemad Bhagavath Sapthaha Yagnam

Every year Sreemat Bhagavath Sapthaha Yagnam will be conduted in this temple.


Vishukkani will be kept in the temple which can be viewed to the devotes on Vishu day along with a special early morning dharshan of lord mahavishnu.


The most liked offering to the presiding deity Lord Mahavishnu is 1 Kudam Palapayasam(made of 13 litres of milk). This is considered as a remedy to mitigate all kinds of worries and also for any gain in the life of a devotee.

Naaraayaneeya Parayanam Samarpanam

The holy Narayaneeyam is fully read from the morning and submits at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna with a holy lunch(prasadam). About 10 to 12 people will participate in this. This can be performed to get relief from diseases especially old age diseases and for healthy life of a person.

Thiruvona Palpayasam

At lease one Kudam Palpayasam will offered to the main deity on every Thiruvonam and the prasadm will be distributed to the devotees who have contributed to this offering.


Every Malayalam month Appam will be offered to Lord Mahavishnu.


This can be offered to sub deities Mahaganapathi as well as Dharmasastha.

Appam Moodal


A coconut will be cut into two equal parts and gingelly seeds tied in a cloth will be kept in it and lighted. This is to mitigate any evils due to the presence of planet Saturn(sani). This can be offered to Lord Dharmasastha.


Persons who are to perform Pithrubali on any day are requested to please contact the temple office and find out the exact time at least 2 days in advance to help the temple related persons for making necessary arrangements for the same.

Lemon Mala

Sathakshathayam Payasam


Swayamvara Pooja

Uma Maheswara Pooja


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