Mahamunimangalam Sree Mahavishnu Temple


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History of Mahamunimangalam Temple

Thousands of years ago, Nellayi was a dense forest and there lived a number of saints performing their penance. These ‘Sanyasins/Munis’ made an idol of Lord Mahavishnu with sand taken from the near by Nandini(Kurumali) river. When years passed they constructed a temple on the banks of this holy river.

It is believed that the principal deity of the Lord Mahavishnu appears in ‘Dwanthabhava’ ie.Balakrishna in the morning and Narasimha in the evening. Earlier, the Prathishta Dinam of this temple was conducted in the chithira star of Malayalam month Edavam and it was changed to Meenam after the Naveekarana kalasam. The annual festival of this temple was in the malayalam month of Medam and the same was subsequently changed to Makaram. The festival flag will be hoisted on star Punartham and the 5 days festival will be culminated with the holy dip(Aarattu) of the main deity in the nearby temple river on star Uthram. Dravya kalasam is performed on prathishta dhinam after the renovation and Naveekarana Kalsam at this temple.

The temple was renovated in the month of April, 2006 with ‘Naveekarana Kalasam’ and Dhwaja Prathishta(installation of holy mast for hoisting the multi color temple flag for the festival). A new small temple for sub deity Lord Dharmasastha has also been built and consecrated inside the temple compound. The temple has sub deities for Lord Mahaganapathy, Lord Siva and Lordess Sri Parvathy. Another deity of Brahmarakshassu is also there in the temple.

Specialities of this temple

There is a bonded relationship between Lord Siva of Vylore and Lord Mahavishnu of Mahamunimangalm. Due to this only the representative idol of Lord Siva of Vylore will be rested in this temple mandapa after the Vylore Siva’s Aarattu festival. On this day Lord Siva will be welcomed as a Guest and all kinds of assistances including Special Pooja and Nivedhyam will be offered. Belief is that Lord Siva comes to Mahamunimangalam temple to enquire about the well being of the sub deities Sri Parvathy Devi and Sri Ganesa of this temple. Old people used to visit both the temples on the same days itself. In fact the worship will be fulfilled only if the devotes will vist Mahamunimangalam Sri Mahavishnu temple of Nellayi after the vist to Sri Mahadeva temple of vayalur. As the divine presence of Lord Siva, Lordess Parvathi Devi and Lord Ganesa are present in this temple, people used to perform Swayamvara Pooja, Swayamvara Pushpanjali, Uma Maheswara Pooja etc.. in thia temple.

For the conceivement of ladies and also to have healthy children from all kinds of diseases especially during the childhood, devotes visit and worship in this temple and do appropriate offerings to Lord Mahavishnu.



      A RAASI PRASNAM conducted in our temple by Edappal Sree Soolapani Warrier revealred that the Brahmarakshassu of our temple is a Yogeeshwara and so offerings by way of Betel leaves, Arecanut and Dhravyams(Coins of Gold/Silver/Metal) as Dhwadhasipana Samarpanam yo br conducted in every Dhwadhasi days. It is very auspicious for those who had observed Ekadasi fasting on the previous day and for all others also.



       As per the version of astrologer the full benefit of doing Pithrubali to the departed souls will be there only if the performer does Thilahaomam in the name of departed soul. As conduct of Thilahomam by individuals. Hence, to get the blessings of departed souls to all, Thilahomam will be conducted in our temple every month on Amaavaasya/New Moon/Karuttha Vaavu day.



      Facilities are there in our temple for the conduct of Pithrubali/Vaavu Bali for the individuals on their desired days in every month. In addition to this Vaavubali will be conducted on Karkitaka Vaavu, Thulaam Vaavu and Kumbham Vaavu connected with Sivaraathri in our temple Aaraatu Kadavu in Kurumaali(Naandhini) river..


Temple Timings

Every day the temple opens at 05.30 and closes at 09.30 in the morning. Dharshan starts with ‘Nirmalya Dharshan’ followed by Abhishekam with Milk and Water. Oil will be applied on main deity during auspicious days. The first session of pooja called ‘Ushapooja’ starts with ‘Malar Nivedhyam’. ‘Thrimadhuram’ made with Kadalipazham, Honey and dry grapes also will be offered to the main deity. Specially prepared ‘Vella Nivedhyam’ made of raw rice and payasam will be offered for the second session of pooja called ‘Uchapooja’. The evening session will start at 05.30 and the temple will close at 07.30 in the night with ‘Athazhapooja’. Morning as well as evening sessions will be extended by one or more hours during Thiruvonam, 1st day of Malayalam month and other important days.

Special/Important Occassions/days of this temple based on Malayalam months

  • Chingam – Thiruvonam
  • Kanni – Navarathri days
  • Thulam:- Deepavali. , New Moon:- Tthe holi dip(Aarattu) of Nellayi Pisharikkal Sri Dhurga Devi in the nearby river of our temple.
  • Vrischikam:- Sabarimala Season. On all these days’ special Niramala will be offered by the devotees to Lord Dharmasastha. Facilities are there in this temple to war Mala, Perform Kettunira etc.. as part of the Sabarimala pilgrimage.
  • Dhanu:- Kucheladhinam
  • Makaram:- Annual Festival of Temple. On Makaram 28th Nellayi-Kolathur Thooppunmkavu Bhagavathi will visit this temple in the afternoon and return to Thooppumkavu temple sitting on a caparisoned elephant accompanied by the performance of various percussion instruments.
  • Sivarathri, On the next day of Sivarathri, facilities are here to perform Pithrubali to our ancestors. The holi dip(Aarattu) of Vyore Lord mahadeva will be conducted in the nearby river.
    Meenam:- Parathishta Dhinam on Chithira star
  • Medam:- Vishu
  • Edavam:-
  • Mithunam:-
  • Karkitakam:- New Moon day. Karkitaka Vavubali and Mahaganapathi Homam

Role of the Committee

Nellayi Mahamunimangalam Sri Mahavishnu temple Will play an important role in the life of a devotee in helping him to evolve into higher being possessing spiritual enlightenment. As this temple is constructed by great Rishis, presence of Lord mahavishnu is concretely and intensely felt in and around the sacred land of Nellayi. Mahamunimangal temple As the temple shrine is consecrated by the Rishis and sanctified in their presence, this is place for abodes of peace and sanctity and devotees can unburden their worries and also get recharged mentally and spiritually. In olden times, kings as well as land lords who are having enough wealth used to patronize the temples. Gone are those times and now the mantle of responsibility of managing the temples as well as protexting the age old culture and establishments as part of the temple is on the shoulders of the devotees themselves.


We wholeheartedly express our profound thanks to all those who have helped us for the various developmental activities of this temple by working and helping in various ways. We expect the same in future also. For the overall improvement in the functioning of our activies and also to make up the shortcomings if any, we invite advices, suggestions and feedbacks from the devotees for their evaluation and implementation based on the feasibility.

Temple Administration

The temple belonged to Nellayikunnathu Mana, a prominent brahmin family in Nellayi. In 1989, the then ‘Ooralan’ (owner of the temple) handed over it to a registered body of devotees. (Reg.No 895/89). The governing body consists of not less than 10 members and has tenure of 2 years. The ‘ooralan’ acts as the patron of the committee.

Women’s Committee

A women’s organization of ladies of the vaillage calle ‘ Mahamunimangalam Temple Vanitha Samithy’ is actively serving the temple as well as devotes in several ways. For the over all development of the village as well as young people especially children, Narayaneeyam Parayanam and Hari Nama Japam are being performed at the auspices of Vanitha Samithy. Other activities include Geetha Parayanam, Vidhya Gopala Manthra Yagnam, Vilakku(Lamp) Pooja, Vishu as well as Lalitha Sahasranama Japam.


S.B. A/C No 12440100029671 in favor of MAHAMUNIMANGALAM KSHETHRA


NELLAYI 680305 branch(Code 1244)

NEFT/RTGS/IFSC Code FDRL0001244 MICR No 680049352